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About Us

Too often we hear about people with textured hair say that their hair just doesn't grow or that you have to be mixed with another nationality in order for hair to grow and be manageable. I'm here to dispel the myth that curly and coily textures don't grow! It started with my mother who often says her hair won't grow because of her age and because it's never been past a certain length. But now, her hair is more full has grown beyond where she thought it could since her semi big chop! Now that it's growing, she is regaining her confidence and and is feeling more beautiful whether she decides to wear her natural hair out or not! This is why Fro Sho means so much to me! I want to help naturals regain their confidence and feel beautiful at any stage in their healthy hair journey! It doesn't matter if your hair is in an afro, locs, wigs nor does it matter if you wear your hair long or short, Fro Sho will help build back your confidence during your healthy hair journey!

Fro Sho Hair Oil
Isis Damil, Fro Sho
CEO & Founder, Isis D. Gibson
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